In 2017, LifeStyle Homes awarded $12,000 worth of funds, tools, and supplies to teachers in Brevard and Indian River counties.

And we can’t wait to do it again in 2018!

There is no better feeling than to give to hard-working teachers to help make their classroom dreams a reality. Over the past year, we’ve helped local teachers set up multiple independent reading stations, purchase a set of classroom headphones, implement flexible seating options for better academic performance, fund a STEM-club solar event, and much more.

For those who are not familiar, the goal of LifeStyle’s Education Renovation program is to provide funds to teachers to help with a particular item or project that is not currently within budget.

We started 2018 with bang—surprising Fairglen Elementary in Cocoa with a $1000 Education Renovation grant which will be used in a variety of ways to improve student morale.

As many of you know, LifeStyle Homes was founded by two former school teachers, so helping educators has also been close to our hearts.

LifeStyle’s Education Renovation program will continue through 2018 and beyond. We will always give back to our schools as long as we’re able. That said, we encourage you to continue to send your nominations for Education Renovation recipients to Nominations should include teacher’s name, school, description of special project or resource needed and its importance, and contact info.