Although summer is ending, we know in Central Florida the warm daytime temperatures will continue and soon give way to crisp fall nights. One thing that makes this time of year feel especially nice is having a beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you’re thinking of building a new home, or adding on to your existing one, here are some tips for getting your outdoor kitchen just right. You can pick one idea or embrace them all.

1. Utilize Space

The most important thing any homeowner can do is consider the outdoor space they have available. Are you working with a smaller space? A lot of space? If you plan on cooking elaborate dinners, you will want a lot of counter space. If you are short on space, consider putting in a grilling station with a built-in bar. Add a few bar-style chairs around it, and you suddenly have an outdoor dining area.

2. Install a Mini Fridge

Going between your indoor and outdoor kitchen can be tricky when you’re trying to entertain. Keep things simple and efficient by including a mini fridge in your summer kitchen.

3. Get the Right Grill

Just want to grill for your family, or do you need a bigger grill for all your outdoor parties? Choose the perfect grill to suit your needs and place it where it will be easily accessible but not in the way of folks who aren’t there to cook. LifeStyle’s summer kitchen vendor partners can help you pick the grill that will work best for you.

Don’t forget to add a few hooks nearby for your chef’s apron and other grilling equipment.

4. Add a Sink

Are you going to host a lot of large alfresco dinner parties? If so, consider adding a sink, especially if you will have extra counter space surrounding it. This makes washing utensils and plates exponentially easier and certainly helps with quickening food prep time.

5. Add a Heating Source

Adding a heating source can help make a summer kitchen feel welcoming. While the extra heat might not seem ideal during the summer, it creates a relaxing atmosphere and is a huge bonus during winter months. Fireplaces and fire pits add a touch of warmth, but you can also keep it simple by just putting heating lamps around the seating area.

New homes need personal touches. What better way to make your home more inviting than creating the perfect summer kitchen?

LifeStyle Homes’ rear covered porches leave a lot of room for creativity. Our summer kitchen vendor partners will work with you to craft a stunning summer kitchen, so be sure to contact us and let us know how we can help you design your new home’s outdoor kitchen.