The protection of a home warranty is one of many things that help make building a new home worth the investment. New-construction homes offer cost and coverage advantages that you simply cannot get with a used home.

What Are Some of the Advantages of a New Home Warranty?
Building a new home with LifeStyle Homes means not having to cope with many of the problems commonly affecting older homes. It also means that if an issue does arise in your first year of homeownership, it is covered under a new home warranty. LifeStyle Homes will take care of the repair and absorb all associated expenses.

Additional Manufacturer Warranties
In addition to the builder’s one-year warranty, a new home comes with additional manufacturer warranties that extend beyond a year. The warranty on your new air-conditioning system, for example, includes a 10-year parts warranty, in addition to the one-year labor warranty. Proper maintenance and appropriate use are necessary, of course.

Roof shingles, for example, come with a 25-year material warranty. Coverage includes the cost of shingles like the originals. Tiles and fixtures in LifeStyle homes also come with an extended warranty, as does kitchen appliances when a washer and dryer is also purchased.

The Advantages of Buying New
Even though the warranties available provide the maximum protection for homeowners, buying a new home, as opposed to a used home, helps decrease the need for repairs. One of the most essential features is greater energy efficiency, which reduces the amount of wear on the various systems in the home, including the air-conditioning system.

Avoiding Costly Repairs and Replacements
Buying a used home is likely to come with costs to repair or replace certain elements. Damage from tropical storms or hurricanes can take a toll on roofs. Used homes may also have an air-conditioning system that is inefficient or has seen better days.

LifeStyle Homes’ one-year home warranty, plus associated manufacturer warranties, helps provide homeowners with greater peace of mind. Reduced maintenance costs are always helpful, and those who opt to buy new-construction homes are certain to enjoy these lesser costs. Building a new home covered with a warranty is one of the best ways to reduce the chance of surprise costs over the long term.

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