No doubt, building a new home creates its fair share of dust and debris. From a respiratory health standpoint, it is important to keep this dust out of the home’s air ducts during the construction process, as well as install new, clean air-conditioning filters before occupancy.

That said, as part of LifeStyle’s new HealthSmart program, our construction team is taking extra precautions to protect your ductwork while your home is being built.

Preventing Dust in a New Construction Home
Your home’s duct system is set up early in the construction cycle. After it is in place, many building trades—from drywallers, to trim carpenters, to tile installers, and others—will follow. To prevent dirt, fumes, dust, and various other contaminants that may occur during the construction process from infiltrating your ducts, your LifeStyle superintendent will take preventative measures to seal the openings.

Doing so reduces the amount of dust and debris that can enter, thus reducing exposure to indoor air pollutants that can cause or aggravate the effects of respiratory and/or cardiovascular health conditions.

New Air-Conditioning Filters Installed Prior to Occupancy
Even when steps are taken to protect the air ducts and other areas of your new home, construction dust and other contaminants may still accumulate. That said, LifeStyle Homes will install brand-new air-conditioning filters before your move-in day. This simple, yet effective measure not only helps to freshen your indoor air, but also keeps your air-conditioning system run efficiently.

In addition, we will recommend that you frequently change the filters as part of what to do in the first few months of living in your new home.

New-Construction Cleaning
LifeStyle Homes schedules professional cleaning services at different times throughout the construction process, including a final clean at the end. Our cleaning team will thoroughly clean your floors and other surfaces, which is greatly beneficial to minimizing the amount of dust and dirt and other respiratory health hazards.

LifeStyle homes are built with health, energy efficiency, and sustainability in mind.

To explore this feature and more that comprise the brand-new LifeStyle HealthSmart program, please take a look at our comprehensive features. And as always, give us a call at (321) 727-8188 ext. 2 with any questions on building a LifeStyle HealthSmart home.