Zip Roofing

The Huber ZIP System® is a revolutionary sheathing system that creates a protective envelope around your home. It represents a unique type of water and air barrier to effectively weatherproof your home. Durable and easy to install, it also removes the necessity for house wrap.

LifeStyle Homes is proud to announce that our HealthSmart homes are built with ZIP System® 7/16” exterior wall sheathing with tape, as well as ZIP System® roof sheathing on all types of roofs.

Weatherproof Roof Sheathing
Your first line of protection against inclement weather is your roof, and with ZIP System® your roof is protected against extreme wind and rain. It represents a major advancement in roofing systems in terms of sealing and weatherproofing.

With a ZIP-sealed roof deck, you have an air and vapor barrier that wards off moisture intrusion and protects the integrity of your home. The ZIP System® itself is comprised of wood panels designed with water-resistant barriers, preventing water infiltration at all seams.

Furthermore, you can use its streamlined approach on a roof deck to keep water out, even before the roof finish is installed. In fact, ZIP System® roof sheathing can be exposed to the elements for up to a year.

As robust as the ZIP System® is, it is actually not LifeStyle’s sole protective roof barrier. That’s because LifeStyle homes are also built with peel-and-stick roof underlayment. Peel-and-stick is also a proven effective guard against water intrusion.

That means LifeStyle provides two superior layers of protection from moisture making its way indoors.

Exterior Wall Sheathing
The exterior wall sheathing system consists of ZIP panels with taped seams designed to prevent air leakage and water intrusion. ZIP panels are constructed with a Structural 1 rating to provide your home with the strength to stand up against high winds and seismic activity.

Every ZIP panel includes a built-in weather-resistant underlay. Seams are sealed with ZIP flashing tape, and a water-resistant barrier is formed.

To explore this feature and more that comprise the brand-new LifeStyle HealthSmart program, please take a look at our comprehensive features. And as always, give us a call at (321) 727-8188 ext. 2 with any questions on building a LifeStyle HealthSmart home.