When it comes to new construction, many homeowners are seeking an energy-saving home that does not comprise comfort. Not surprisingly, insulation plays a major role in a home’s performance, and the type and technique used can make or break the enjoyment of a new home.

As part of our HealthSmart launch, LifeStyle Homes is moving to R-24 open-cell spray foam to create a seemingly “protective bubble” around the living areas of our customers’ homes.

Here is a look at the advantages of using open-cell spray foam insulation.

Benefits of Using Spray-Foam Insulation
Open-cell spray foam insulation reduces air leaks, deters moisture, can conform to openings of all shapes and sizes, and is more environmentally friendly than closed-cell spray foam. It also improves indoor air quality, is easy to install, and is long-lasting. Not to mention it is a great sound barrier. Perhaps the most compelling reason to use open-cell foam is that it saves you money in the form of reduced monthly electric bills as it is a highly superior insulator.

LifeStyle Homes has chosen environmentally friendly Profoam™ open-cell spray foam which contains renewable agricultural products, as well as no ozone-depleting chemicals. It is also formulated with an anti-microbial ingredient inhibiting mold and mildew growth.

What Are the Different Types of Expanding Foam?
A spray foam kit typically contains the foam, which comes in a pressurized container, hoses, and a spray gun with multiple tips. The foam is sprayed and quickly expands to create an air-tight seal. It will not settle, shrink, or deteriorate. And it is guaranteed to keep its R-Value. (R-Values are a measure of insulation performance. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation is at resisting heat transfer.)

There are two different types of expanding foam insulation: closed-cell and open-cell. Closed-cell foam is a higher density than open-cell foam and is best suited for applications requiring protection from the harshest conditions, such as frigid climates or for metal buildings.

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