robot cleaner for floor

When it comes to spring cleaning, some people just wash the duvet cover and shake out the rug in the front hallway. Others may go full Marie Kondo and dust and sanitize every surface and ruthlessly go through every drawer and cabinet to remove clutter. Most people are somewhere between these extremes. Smart home devices have the ability to help with spring cleaning tasks. Here are some ways using this technology will expedite spring cleaning chores.

Deploy a Robotic Vacuum
Homeowners who have hard-surface floors appreciate the robotic vacuums that handle floor cleaning tasks. They’re especially helpful for people who have children or pets, and they’re essential for those who have difficulty with bending and kneeling. The newest Roomba vacuums recharge when they’re low in battery power, and their sensors detect where they’ve already been and where they still need to go. The newest version, called the 960, uses more cleaning power to remove dust and dirt accumulated during the winter months of the year.

Use a Window-Cleaning Robot
Scrubbing windows is hard work. They get dirty from pollen, dust, dirt, bugs and more. Upstairs windows are especially challenging to clean. Many people don’t have a tall enough ladder, and some people are afraid of heights. Hiring a window cleaning service can be pricey, and before you know it, the windows will be dirty again. A window-cleaning robot could be the solution to this spring cleaning problem. They use suction cups and rollers to attach to any window, and they keep cleaning until their sensors indicate the surface is clear. One option is the WINBOT 950, which uses a microfiber cloth and a four-stage cleaning process.

Automatic Garbage Can
Taking out the trash is one of those unpleasant chores that most people would prefer to avoid. An automatic garbage can makes dealing with the garbage a lot easier. There are several manufacturers that make automatic trash cans. A sensor opens the lid, so you don’t even have to step on a pedal. With the push of a button, these automatic trash cans seal the bag. All you have to do is lift the bag out of the can, install a new bag, and take out the full bag. Some of these smart home trash cans operate on voice controls.

With these tips, spring cleaning won’t be as onerous and exhausting. By making the most of technology, it’s possible for spring cleaning to be simpler and more effective. If you’re ready for a fresh start in a new home this spring, take a look at the range of options from LifeStyle Homes. Contact us today to set up a virtual visit or an appointment for in-person tours.