One of the greatest things about a custom-built home is being able to have all the features you want. And one of the most popular features that many of today’s new homes include is stone accents in a variety of applications.

There are many parts of your home, both inside and out, where you may want to add stone to exude an impressive feel. From exterior banding and column wraps, to interior countertops and fireplace surrounds, stone is a trendy, yet timeless feature that offers a fresh and unique look. And there are so many options available to really make your home special.

Where Should Your Stone Accents Be Installed?
There are several areas of your home where you might want to include stone. Some of the choices to consider include:

  • Fireplaces                                       • Patio or porch pillars
  • Soaking tubs                                   • Outdoor kitchen areas
  • Kitchens                                          • Gardens
  • Sunrooms

Types of Stone
The different types of stone used in residential applications have different features, textures, and colors that can influence your decision.

Marble and granite are among the most popular natural stone choices for bathroom and kitchen countertops, for example, while quartz—a man-made stone—is soaring in popularity.

Granite is less porous than some other options, making it an excellent choice for outdoor summer kitchens.

Architectural stone veneers created in casts and designed to closely mimic natural stone are also prevalent. Many leading manufacturers place authenticity at the forefront of their stone veneer designs, allowing homeowners to get an extremely close match to natural stone in a suite of colors and styles.

Find Out What Your Home Could Look Like
There is no time like the present to take advantage of a custom home with stone accents. You can choose stone accents that blend in with the rest of your home, or provide contrast, according to your preference.

 For an idea of what your finished home will look like, LifeStyle Homes makes it easy for you. We have a gallery of home designs on our website to help you choose. You can browse through the different photos and renderings to get an idea of stone applications we have done in the past.