Sunlit home

Natural light is perhaps the most understated yet crucial feature of any home. In fact, besides features like an upscale kitchen and multi-use spaces, many homeowners rank natural light as a quintessential attribute of any well-designed home.

At LifeStyle Homes, we believe natural light will always supersede artificial light, and all homeowners are entitled to sufficient indoor sunlight. After all, who would not want free, endorphin-elevating light?

Unfortunately, many generically designed homes are not built to allow adequate sunshine inside. Even so, there are many pragmatic techniques you can adopt to let natural light flow into your home.

Trim the Trees and Shrubs Near Your Windows
To let more sunlight into your home, ensure there are no external obstacles that prevent natural light from reaching your home in the first place. When done right, trees and other vegetation add to a home’s curb appeal. But as the greenery grows, so does the sun-blocking effect.

Try and maintain a trimming schedule to keep any obtrusive tree branches and climbing vines at bay. If regular trimming is not possible, consider planting low-lying perennials that beautify your home’s exterior without blocking natural light.

Clean Your Windows
As obvious as it may sound, dirty windows might be the culprit behind your low-light situation. Clean your windows regularly (inside and out), and steer clear of dark-window treatments.

Use Lighter Window Treatments
Window treatments have evolved dramatically over the last decade, and rightfully so. Even with the cleanest windows and zero outdoor obstructions, your home will never get sufficient sunlight with dark, heavy draperies hanging on your windows. Opt for lighter window treatments like single-panel sheer fabric and blinds that let in enough sunlight without compromising your privacy.

Illuminate Your Home
Dark spaces are unfortunately still a common phenomenon in many homes today. While you can perform a major renovation to rectify the issue, adding new windows can be expensive and time-consuming. Get in touch with us today at LifeStyle Homes to learn more about smart home lighting and our affordable home-customization options.