On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Most of that time will be spent at home. At LifeStyle Homes, we believe that everyone deserves a living space that makes them feel at ease. Use these tips to learn how to make your home peaceful and tranquil.

What Makes a Place Calming?
Most people feel calm when they are surrounded by nature or elements from nature. When you want a relaxing living room, begin with color. Choose a neutral or calm color like blue or green. Consider some houseplants for greenery to add fresh air to your indoor areas. You may want to bring in sounds from nature, such as the sound of waves or raindrops. A smart-home automation system—which is included in every LifeStyle home—allows you to choose a calming noise to suit your mood and help you relax.

Intelligent Features for Relaxing Living Rooms
Once you’re settled on your sofa with some cozy pillows, a comfy blanket, and a good show streaming on your smart TV, you don’t want to get up to dim the lights or see who’s at the door. Automate your living experience with smart features, such as automated door cameras and automated lights that you can control with a tap on your phone.

Peaceful Living Room Decorating Ideas
When decorating your living room, fewer items are better. Try using pieces that have multiple purposes to save on space. A plush ottoman, for instance, offers comfort, promotes relaxation, and hides your puzzles, novels, or extra blankets. To feel even more tranquil, consider one large-framed photo or a painting depicting nature.

Calming Things to Put in Your Bedroom
Once you’ve updated the décor to instill a sense of calm in your living areas, it’s time to move onto your bedroom. Choose some of your favorite things and put them in a prominent spot. A luscious vase of colorful blossoms on your dresser or a knit blanket from a loved one are perfect options. For even more of a relaxed feeling, consider zoned heating with a smart thermostat. It will allow you to set a precise temperature in each zone, and each zone can be controlled independently.

Use Smart Lighting Throughout Your Space
If you wake up during the night, you don’t want to choose between a 100-watt lightbulb or darkness. Smart lighting keeps you relaxed and calm. Choose dimming lights that sense your movement with wall-based stick-on sensors and gently illuminate your space. When you want more light, such as while cooking, use their voice controls to increase their brightness.

Your home is your castle, and you deserve a space that is comforting, appealing, and serene. Smart lighting and home automation systems allow you to customize how bright your space is at different times of the day or night. Get in touch with us at LifeStyle Homes today to learn more about what makes a place calming and how our homes can help you create a tranquil environment.