fall gutter cleaning

Florida is rich in ornamental and attractive species of trees which display beauty and splendor. There are various kinds of pines, palms, and oaks in almost every Florida yard. During fall, most of these trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter. 

If your Florida home has gutters, you will need to clean them regularly to remove the leaves and tree bucks that may cause clogs.

Clogging may cause drainage problems, an infestation of pests, and even more severe environmental and health issues. It is crucial to note that gutter covers do not eliminate debris but only minimize it and keep the leaves a bay. Here are reasons why cleaning your gutter is a crucial part of your fall home care plan.

1. Prevents Flooding and Foundation Damage
Fall gutter cleaning helps in flood management. When the gutter is clogged with debris and leaves, it could lead to flooding, which damages the exterior or interior of the house. As water overflows in the gutter, it can seep down the walls of your home and potentially cause damages if it gets to the foundation of your house and weakens the structure. Also, it may damage your walls, ceiling, carpet, furniture, and other household items. Routine gutter-cleaning practices can help you avoid these problems.

2. Prevents Pest Infestation
Rodents like mice always look for a habitable place to build their winter home. When your gutters are clogged with all sorts of debris, they provide an excellent harboring environment for rodents, insects, and birds. The worst thing you could have is pests all over your drainage system and nesting throughout your home. The damage they may cause could have a significant price tag. Fall gutter cleaning and maintenance will prevent the possible habitation of pests in and around your home.

3. Prevents Costly Inconveniences
Gutter cleaning saves you money. The damage that may arise from gutter clogging and flooding may require expensive repairs. Gutter cleaning reduces the risk of a broken or cracked foundation. Water can clog around your home due to a gutter full of debris and leaves. Such clogs can limit the runaway of water away from your house hence causing water clogging. Cleaning is a preventive measure that saves you money and maintains your house in good condition. You can easily avoid unplanned and expensive projects with routine gutter cleaning. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

4. Helps Prevent Molds
Roof leaks and extreme flooding are common sources of moisture that eventually cause mold. The water clog formed on a gutter full of debris and leaves can lead to extreme and toxic mold build-up.

5. Protects Your Gutters
Even without trees around your home, there is a lot of debris in fall which may accumulate in the gutter. There is a lot that can clog your gutter, from bird nests and loose roof shingles to weeds. Leaves and other debris can overload your gutter and may cause it to sag, bend, fall, or break. Whether your gutters have covers or not, regular maintenance will keep them functioning well and in good shape. Waking up to a broken gutter on a rainy day is not something you want to experience.

There is no specific time and duration of gutter cleaning. However, it is essential to clean before fall and spring to keep your home safe from rain and water damage. Regular roof repairs and trimming trees around your house may help control excessive gutter clogging. Also, installing a gutter guard to prevent debris and leaves from collecting in gutters may help lengthen the gutter life.

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