Backyard patio furniture styled for fall

Just because we’re still experiencing some warm weather in Central Florida doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your yard for fall. Natural elements provide a sophisticated look. Break out the pumpkins and corn husks and prepare to dress up your yard, patio or porch with the following ideas to give your outdoor space a fall overhaul. Don’t forget smart-home tech like decoration timers and solar walkway lights.

Decorate the Front Door
You can welcome fall and your guests to your home with a lovely display on your front door. And you don’t need to break the bank to do it. You likely have some items already (butcher paper) and can get others at your local craft store, such as faux leaves, branches, and fall flowers.

Less Isn’t More – Go All Out!
More really is more when you decorate the exterior of your home with fall apparel. Think pumpkins, gourds, flowers, and bales of hay. Place a couple of scarecrows on either side of your front walkway to herald fall and greet your guests. If your scarecrows or other decorations incorporate animatronics, consider using decoration timers to keep down your energy costs.

The Golden Touch
Spruce up your outside planters with some gold paint and switch out the snapdragons for some bright marigolds. Hang some gilded lanterns and finish off the look with pumpkins – natural, black, white and a touch of rose gold. Department stores carry many crafty paint colors nowadays. Display the pumpkins on your porch steps and around the planters along your walkway. 

In keeping with the golden theme, sunflowers add a pop of color. These hearty flowers continue blooming well into fall and make for effortless style. Consider placing freshly cut sunflowers in vases on any tables you have outside – near the pool, on the porch, and in the gazebo. 

Bundles of Firewood
Bundles of just-chopped firewood can evoke memories of crackling fires and toasting marshmallows before you even strike a match. Collect a bit of lumber and display it on your front or back porch. The lumber’s raw appearance is perfect for setting the fall mood and can be displayed in woven baskets or wood crates.

Ghosts and Ghouls
Halloween and trick-or-treating is right around the corner. A spooky scene with cobwebs, bales of hay, and pumpkins sets the mood. You can place baskets of apples, too – as long as they’re offset by buckets of sweet treats. Complete the look with fall-inspired flowers, gourds, or squash. 

Painted Pumpkins
And speaking of Halloween, the official season mascot is the pumpkin. A more glamorous approach to a traditional carved pumpkin is a painted pumpkin. Get some creamy hues like ivory and some metallics, like yellow gold, rose gold, and bronze. When all placed together, it’s a one-of-a-kind look. Plus, it accents the planters mentioned above. Finish the look with a nice wreath on the front door and a cornucopia heralding the next holiday: Thanksgiving. These ideas can help bring in fall and add the ambiance to get ready for the holiday season!

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