LifeStyle Homes is proud to introduce to our homebuyers the ZIP System® – “a revolutionary new approach to building enclosures.” All homes built by LifeStyle Homes that have a tile or metal roof will now include ZIP System® roof sheathing.

As coastal Floridians know too well, hurricanes pose a major threat to our homes. Having a strong, resilient roof that protects against extreme weather is key to minimal damage. The ZIP System® represents a major advancement in roofing systems in terms of sealing and weatherproofing.

The ZIP System® is a new standard in roof decking that adds another layer of protection from extreme rain and wind. It represents a superior way to build a robust roof deck. In fact, ZIP System® roof sheathing can be exposed to the elements for up to a year.

As many of you know, LifeStyle Homes recently began including peel-and-stick roof underlayment standard on all roofs as well. Peel-and-stick is also a proven effective guard against water intrusion. LifeStyle Homes will continue to install peel-and-stick on all roofs. For customers who choose a tile or metal roof for their LifeStyle home, their roofing systems will be built with the ZIP System® as well, effectively providing two superior layers of protection from moisture making its way indoors.