Peel-and-stick roof underlayment is one of the most effective housing products on the market today. As an added line of defense against severe weather—something Brevard and Indian River residents know too well—peel-and-stick provides an effective barrier that guards your home from water intrusion.

LifeStyle Homes is proud to offer peel-and-stick as a new standard SunSmart℠ feature on all our homes.

Here are a few of the pros of installing peel-and-stick roof underlayment:

  1. Less risk of moisture problems. Because peel-and-stick is a strong second barrier to protect your home from wind-driven rain, there is less of a chance that water will find its way inside.
  2. Ease of installation. This roof underlayment is flexible in nature and is easily installed around hips, valleys, and ridges. It stays put once it’s installed. It is thick with an adhesive backing that is easily applied to plywood.
  3. Durability and exposure. Even if tile or shingles were to blow off in a hurricane, your roof would still be protected from water intrusion with this strongly affixed barrier. Additionally, there would be no need for a blue tarp as peel-and-stick can remain exposed to the elements for months with no damage.

By offering peel-and-stick roof underlayment standard, LifeStyle Homes has elevated our homes to a higher level of protection, making our customers readier than ever for hurricane season.