Melbourne, FL – November 17, 2013 – You know our dream at LifeStyle Homes. We are on a quest to offer affordable homes that generate sufficient electricity from rooftop photovoltaic panels to power the home at no cost (figured over a year’s time) plus pay for recharging two electric automobiles sitting in the garage overnight. We figure free power for your home plus free power for your cars will change pretty much everything about American life for the better.

We are almost at the point of announcing a major step forward toward our goal. It’s just around the corner.

If you are shopping for a new home now, DO NOT make a commitment to buy anything other than a new LifeStyle HERS 60 SunSmart(SM) or LifeStyle Net Zero Energy SunSmartPV(SM) home before you check with us. Our sales associates are fully briefed on what’s coming and they are authorized to discuss it with customers who visit them in person. The rest of you will just have to wait for our official announcement.

If you are in the process of buying a new LifeStyle home right now, contact your salesperson immediately! We have very good news for you!

Yes, especially at this time of year, all of us are assaulted by great-sounding promotional messages that turn out not to be so great. We promise you, this will be different. We are about to offer you the future without your  having to wait for it – except you’ll have to wait for our announcement. Better yet, visit a LifeStyle Homes sales center near you today!!

Don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up!