LifeStyle Homes recently modernized many of our longtime favorite home plans and unveiled three distinct elevations for each. We invite our homebuyers to choose the design that showcases their unique style.

LifeStyle Homes is proud to release modernized makeovers for some of our most popular plans and designs.

Along with tweaks and updates to the floorplans—removing walls, raising ceiling heights, and more—each one now comes with three distinct elevations. Homebuyers can choose among a modern-contemporary, coastal, or modern farmhouse aesthetic.

This allows our homebuyers the opportunity to not only showcase their unique style, but further differentiate and customize their LifeStyle home. And the biggest win for our homebuyers? Each elevation style is included in the price (no upgraded elevations among the three).

The LifeStyle plans that have undergone this transformation include the Monterey, the Monterey II, the St. Kitts, and the St. Croix. Also, our brand-new Antigua home plan follows this same concept.

These new elevations have been released for both our Executive Level homes and our Signature Level homes. You’ll notice Signature Level homes include many special upgrades, including a side-entry or motorcourt garage and tile roof, among others.

Please take a look at our revamped and re-released home plans at your convenience.

And if you’re ready to get started on building the home of your dreams, be sure to give us a call at (321) 727-8188.