Over the coming months, you will witness the longtime vacant land at the west end of Eber Boulevard develop into a sanctuary for Brevard’s neglected, abused, abandoned or otherwise needy children.

A gated community with eight cottages, a multipurpose clubhouse, community swimming pool, and pole barn will soon ascend, bringing to life Kim Frodge’s vision for her outreach organization, Nana’s House.

Nana’s House is an all-volunteer organization that offers loving homes for children whose parents are facing hardships like substance abuse, homelessness, or illness. The volunteers at Nana’s House typically act as guardians for these children until their parents can safely and responsibly resume their parental roles.

LifeStyle Homes is proud to be building one of the eight cottages inside this gated community. LifeStyle, along with many other local commercial and residential builders, will be volunteering our building knowledge and resources to oversee individual projects. Additionally, tons of local trade and subcontractors have also graciously volunteered their materials and labor to help bring the gated community to life.

We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this true Brevard County community endeavor! Here we go!