An amendment to help spur more solar installations in the Sunshine State will be on your 2016 Florida Primary Election Ballot.

LifeStyle Homes encourages you to vote YES!

As stated by Floridians for Solar Choice, Amendment 4 would “exempt solar panels and other renewable energy equipment from the real property tax and the onerous tangible property tax—currently huge barriers to installing solar in Florida. This policy will lower the cost of solar, increase clean energy jobs, and greatly expand solar development across the state!”

By voting YES on Amendment 4, you essentially agree that there should be incentives to promote solar in Florida, versus obstacles (in the form of taxes) that hinder solar’s growth.

The benefits of solar power are being realized all over the world. This renewable energy is great for the environment, providing our planet relief from toxic greenhouse gas emissions. It allows home and business owners to produce their own clean energy and greatly reduce their utility bills. In the U.S., solar allows for more freedom from dependence on foreign oil imports. Its growth brings about new American jobs in the emerging solar industry.

Yet, Florida’s statewide barriers to entry, coupled with a lack of statewide incentives, have caused us to lag behind other solar-friendly states. Specifically, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association, Florida is now ranked 14th in the U.S. in terms of solar installations.

We can do better, and the passing of Amendment 4 is a great step forward.

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