The 21st Century has given us ways of reducing our footprints that are both beneficial to the environment and easy on the wallet. And it all starts in the home.

With over 900 SunSmart℠ homes completed in a wide range of price points, LifeStyle Homes has proven that building an energy-efficient home isn’t out of reach. Yet, even if you aren’t in the market for new home, disciplined investments and intentional living can give way to energy-efficient living in existing homes as well.

While there are a multitude of energy-conservation products and practices out there—many of which are included standard in all LifeStyle Homes—here are some high-impact items for in and around your household.

  1. Stay insulated. Insulation is all about slowing the rate heat flows through your home, no matter the season. Properly insulated homes will keep heat from going out in cooler months and prevents it from getting in during the warmer ones. Not only does this maximize your comfort, but it helps you keep those heating and A/C bills down. Look for insulation products with a high R-value—the measure of the product’s resistance to heat flow.
  2. Landscaping. If you find your home lacking in insulation and would prefer an alternative to installing more, some hearty shrubs and shady trees can also help you conserve energy. During the summer, trees will cool the air around your home and keep sunlight from heating the inside. In the winter, they can block cooler winds that may trigger your heater.
  3. More efficient light bulbs. LifeStyle Homes installs LED lighting in all our homes. These super-efficient bulbs reduce energy waste by as much as 75% when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  4. Go solar. It’s no secret that the LifeStyle team is a huge proponent for rooftop solar. Solar panels are more of a long-term investment than other options but harnessing the energy of the sun can drop your energy bill drastically, even completely. For more info on this, check out our previous blog on solar panels here.
  5. Stick with it. While the impact of certain energy-conservation measures are felt instantly, others may take more time. Your shrubs won’t grow overnight, and installing a solar system isn’t a one-day project. The lasting results are worth it though. Your ability to save while becoming more environmentally sound in your home will give you a long-term benefit you can see in your bank account and the environment.