Roofing systems are one of the largest and most significant considerations of building a new home. At LifeStyle Homes, we offer a multitude of material and color selections to help our customers achieve their pricing, structural, and architectural goals.

No matter which roofing material you choose for your new LifeStyle home, keep in mind a solar system can be affixed to it. LifeStyle’s rack-mounted solar systems (the most common) can be installed on shingle, tile, and metal rooftops, and employ micro-inverter technology. Homeowners who select a tile roof have the option to select an integrated solar system, in which solar panels actually replace certain roof tiles for a pleasing architectural appearance.

If you’re building a new home and you’re not sure which roofing material is right for you, consider the biggest benefits of shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

SHINGLE ROOFS: Shingle roofs are the most popular roofing choice among LifeStyle homebuyers for a couple major reasons. First and foremost, the price. Shingle roofs are significantly less expensive upfront than their tile and metal-roof rivals. Second, the options and versatility. Shingle roofs come in a wealth of colors and can easily complement any stucco, stone, or other exterior selections. Additionally, asphalt shingles are easy to maintain and replace, should yours get damaged in high-wind conditions. LifeStyle Homes is proud to offer our customers CertainTeed Landmark® lifetime architectural shingles.

LifeStyle Homes_Shingle Roof

TILE ROOFS: Tile roofs are a stunning upgrade to any home, yet seem to work best on Mediterranean, Italian, or Spanish-style homes. The sheer attractiveness of a tile roof may be its biggest draw, especially since roof tiles are available in a range of fade-resistant colors and styles—including barrel, flat, shake, and others. Strength and ability to withstand Florida’s hurricane-force winds are also a major benefit of tile roofs. Not surprisingly, tile roofs are significantly more expensive than shingle roofs, however, tile roofs oftentimes have a lifespan double that of a shingle roof, which can even out the costs in the long run.

More specifically, a tile roof has an expected lifespan of 50 years or more, while a shingle roof’s expected lifespan is around 10-20 years.Certain LifeStyle communities—including Seville in Viera, San Marino Estates in North Melbourne, and 4 Lakes Estates in Vero Beach—require homeowners to have a tile roof. We invite you to take a drive around these communities to see how this upgrade can vastly improve a neighborhood’s overall aesthetic.

LifeStyle Homes_Tile Roof

METAL ROOFS: Metal roofs represent another roofing style offered by LifeStyle Homes. This particular roofing material is commonly found on island-style homes in the Florida Keys. No wonder, then, its biggest touted benefit is its strength and resilience. Metal roofs can last a home’s lifetime, and are impervious to high winds, rain, and lightning, making them a great option for storm-ridden areas (like ours). Metal roofs are also known to be energy and environmentally friendly. They deflect solar radiant heat while acting as a good home insulator, which can help keep your cooling costs down. Another added benefit? At the end of a metal roof’s lifespan, the material can be recycled and reused. LifeStyle’s 55+ community, Alamanda Key, requires a metal roof for its Key West-inspired homes.

LifeStyle Homes_Metal Roof