The scientifically-determined combination delivers the results

A lot of thought, effort and expertise on the part of some very smart scientists at the Florida Solar Energy Center has been devoted to finding the exact right combination of equipment, materials and building techniques to produce maximum performance gains for SunSmart homes. Their guideline was always to provide the maximum gains possible coupled with instant homeowner savings. There is no pay-back waiting period before you break even with a SunSmart home. You get all the gains and you save all the money from day one.

The research at FSEC that guided us is backed up by the full resources of the U.S. Department of Energy. This means that SunSmart represents true state-of-the-art delivery of reliable technologies to save energy, increase comfort and improve indoor air quality.

No other builder can match SunSmart

We could not have done this by ourselves as LifeStyle Homes. No other home builder can match what SunSmart offers just by cherry-picking some of the components and techniques we use. It is the exact full combination of components and best practice construction techniques that delivers the high performance you deserve.

Individual testing guarantees your home

And, remember, each individual SunSmart home is tested to make sure it meets specification. We will not deliver a SunSmart home that is deficient in any way. The scientists at FESC wouldn’t let us.

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