Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. New developments in this technology have created a broader range of products, many of which are now becoming standard installation in new homes.

An automated lighting system is one of these new pieces of technology that is really catching steam. There are several forms of automated lighting, ranging from turning lights on and off remotely to smart dimming switches and apps that allow you to place your lights on a timer. These new forms of automation allow you to make lifestyle changes only possible with smart home technology like that from LifeStyle Homes.

1. Lowers Energy Bills

Light automation allows you to automatically have lights shut off during part of the day. This might be while you’re at work, asleep, or spending time out in nature. Smart technology and new developments also allow for light dimming, which burns up less electricity. Between cutting the lights when you’re away and dimming them when you’re not, your monthly energy costs will lower.

One of the best automated lighting systems you can have installed if energy conservation is a concern of yours is a motion sensor system. These lights will turn off after a certain amount of time, conserving energy. This is particularly useful in rooms that don’t see a lot of use and where forgetting to turn the lights off is a possibility.

2. Helps You Keep a Solid Routine

An automated lighting system can help your body get into a solid sleep-wake routine. Lighting is the factor with the biggest influence on your circadian rhythm. With new developments from Lifestyle Homes, you can use the lighting in your home to improve the quality of your sleep.

One way you can set your body up for success is by having your automated system begin dimming the lights in your home a few hours before your bedtime. This will switch your lights to warmer tones that promote calmness and relaxation. You can also encourage your body to be awake and alert during daytime hours by having the system turn on lights with cooler hues during work hours as these promote wakefulness and concentration.

3. Keeps You Safer

It’s been shown that criminals are less likely to burglarize a home that appears to have someone currently inside it. Smart technology, an automated lighting system, can help create the illusion that someone is home, even when you’re away on summer vacation. By having lights in your home that turn on and off on their own, criminals will think you’re still there, deterring them and making your home a safer place.

LifeStyle Homes is proud to serve your automated lighting and other smart home needs. If you’re interested in learning more about this technology, give us a call today.