At LifeStyle Homes, we know that Florida can be a beautiful, sunny place to live, but it also comes with some unique types of weather. To build new homes that can survive a Florida summer, building materials must be chosen wisely. One of the most important elements is a superior roofing underlayment, which provides many benefits.

Waterproof Your Home

Shingles can lift when winds get high, and other materials like metal can warp or crack over time. This tends to let some humidity seep under your roof where it can damage materials or cause mold to develop.

All LifeStyle homes come with two layers of waterproofing protection—Zip System® roof sheathing, as well as peel-and-stick roof underlayment.

Both provide ultimate waterproofing protection to help seal your roof from humidity and small leaks.

Reduce Your Summer AC Bills

The right underlayment does more than just keep out water. It can also reduce heat transfer and absorption. During long summer days, this is very important. The added insulation can help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Keep Your Home Secure Even After Storm Damage

Your roof underlayment is a valuable backup in case anything goes wrong. And while peel-and-stick is not quite as sturdy and long-lasting as your main roof material, it is UV-resistant and water-repellant enough to remain exposed for several months. This is very useful if a severe storm comes through and damages your roof. It ensures that your home remains protected while you wait on a roofer to provide repairs.

Improved Storm Resistance

Zip System® roof sheathing and peel-and-stick roof underlayment helps create a uniform, even surface for shingle, tile, or metal roof installation. This does more than just boost your curb appeal. It also keeps spots from sticking out and catching wind, and it keeps moisture from pooling in certain spots. The result is a roof with a little extra resistance to storms.

If you want the best possible roof for your needs, it is essential to work with a quality homebuilder. At LifeStyle Homes, we create new homes and new developments that are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. To learn more about our designs and our building process, contact us today.