For many, summer is the most exciting and vibrant time of year. Inspired by the season, you may be interested in ideas and inspiration to give your home a fresh new look and feel this summer.

Below, we’ll explore some ways to do just that. From updated lighting to bright colors, preparing your home for summer can be fun and simple.

Lighting and Drapery
During this time of year, you probably want to let sunshine flood your home. Sometimes this is all it takes to change your whole mood.

Having your windows professionally cleaned is a great way to add light to your home — plus, you can also see the sunshine and green trees much easier when your windows are spic and span.

For optimal lighting, you may want to consider changing your drapery too. If you have dark privacy curtains, consider replacing them with a lighter-weight option. Sheer or partially sheer drapes are perfect for allowing light in while still giving you some privacy.

Not only is switching out your home’s curtains easy, but it’s an affordable way to make your home feel different in the summer. When selecting colors for your drapes, think of light colors, such as neutral beige, white, or light grey. If you’re tired of neutrals, add a pop of color with bright drapes in primary or pastel colors.

Summer Scents
Adding scents to your home is a great way to freshen up for the upcoming season. It’s time to put away the autumn and winter-scented items and replace them with fresh, summer scents. When considering summer scents, think clean linen, cotton, or floral. Whether you prefer candles, air fresheners, wax melts, or other scented products, summer scents are a fun and inexpensive way to change the mood of your home and welcome visitors.

Pressure or Power Washing
Dirt, grime, and debris on the exterior of your home can seriously bring down your curb appeal. Throughout the winter months, your home’s exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements. This may leave you with unsightly stains.

Summer is a great time to call a local pressure-washing company to freshen up the exterior of your home. Or, if you’re handy, you can rent a power washer from a local hardware store. You’ll be surprised to find how a simple deep cleaning can make your home feel fresh this summer.

Clean Your HVAC Filters
Though not the most exciting, cleaning or replacing your air conditioning filter is important as we head into the summer. Filters can become dirty quickly, especially after the fall and winter months. If you allow a dirty filter to remain in your unit, you may find this worsens your summer allergies. A dirty filter circulates debris, like dust or mold, throughout your home. Prepare to run your air conditioner with clear air this summer by replacing your filter.

Natural Accessories
This summer, one trendy style is the addition of natural accessories inspired by the elements. Think of things like woven baskets or bowls with natural wood elements. Swap out some of your dated décor for fresh summer accessories with touches of nature.

In addition, bright and vibrant colors are perfect for summer. Small changes throughout your home can make a huge difference in preparing a fresh home this summer. Summer patterns such as palm prints and tropical-themed accessories add an instantly new feel to any room. Or add pops of color by using vibrant yellows, greens, or oranges.

Fresh Paint
A fresh paint job can instantly enhance any room in your home. Repaint dark, dingy rooms with fun, vibrant colors. If you’re looking to restyle a room for summer on a budget, changing your paint color is a great option.

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