A high-performance home is one that is designed and built to be energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy, and durable. In Florida, high-performance homes assert some unique characteristics due to the state’s hot and humid climate.

Here are some features that make up a high-performance home in Florida.

1.Energy Efficiency. A high-performance home is designed to use less energy than a conventional home. This can be achieved through several strategies, such as proper insulation, air sealing, high-efficiency windows, superior heating and cooling systems, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances. In Central Florida in particular, the home must reduce the need for air conditioning and therefore use less energy.

Each of these components and more are included in LifeStyle’s SunSmart program, which is a cornerstone of our company. LifeStyle SunSmart homes use a minimum of 40% less electricity than a typical new home based on the standards of RESNET®’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index.

2.Comfort. A high-performance home is designed to be comfortable year-round. This can be achieved through better insulation and air sealing products and techniques, efficient heating and cooling systems, and good ventilation.

3.Indoor Air Quality. A high-performance home has good indoor air quality, which can sometimes prove to be challenging in Florida’s humid climate. That said, indoor air quality can be achieved through proper ventilation, use of low-VOC materials, and good air-filtration systems. LifeStyle’s HealthSmart program contains each of these elements, as well as many others designed to reduce the chance of mold making its way into your home. Good indoor air quality is important for the health and well-being of all homeowners.

4.Durability. A high-performance home is designed to stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance. This can be achieved using high-quality materials, proper construction techniques, and attention to detail during the building process.

5.Hurricane Resistance. Along the same lines, in Florida we need to ensure our homes are built to withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather events. This may include impact-resistant windows and doors, fortified roofing systems, and reinforced walls.

6.Solar Energy. With abundant sunshine, solar energy is a viable option for high-performance homes in Florida. And LifeStyle Homes has a lot of experience in this arena, having built nearly 200 solar homes here. Today’s advanced rooftop solar panels have the power to not only run your home, but also your electric vehicle. Excess power generated by rooftop solar can also be stored in home batteries to be used during power outages.

Overall, a high-performance home is a sustainable and comfortable living space that is designed to save energy, reduce environmental impact, enhance the health and well-being of the occupants, and be resilient to extreme weather events.

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