With so many options available, deciding on cabinetry for your new LifeStyle home can be tricky. From an expansive array of styles and profiles, to wood species, paints and glazes, as well as functional storage options, cabinet selections are virtually endless.

That’s why each LifeStyle homebuyer is treated to a one-on-one meeting with our cabinet vendor, Hammond Kitchens & Bath, at their showroom, in addition to a design consultation with our in-house interior design team, in order to ensure the best possible kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room cabinets are selected for your new home.

Here is an overview of the latest trends in style and design to get you started.

1.Minimalism: A trend toward clean, simple lines and a minimalist aesthetic has been popular in recent years. This often means sleek, flat-fronted cabinets with little or no embellishment. In terms of door profiles, here is what’s popular.

  • Shaker. The shaker style is a classic that has been around for centuries, but it remains a popular choice for modern kitchens. Its simple, clean lines and minimal detailing make it a versatile option that can work in a variety of spaces.
  • Slab. Slab doors are a popular choice for modern kitchens because of their clean, minimalist look. They are typically made from a single, flat piece of material, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Flat panel. Flat panel doors are similar to slab doors, but they have a slightly more decorative edge detail. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who want a modern look but still want a little bit of visual interest.

2.Functionality: Homeowners are looking for more functional storage solutions, such as pull-out coffee trays, hidden trash bins, and built-in charging stations.

3.Open shelving: Open shelving can be used as a decorative display for your dishes, glassware, and other kitchen items. You can use it to showcase your favorite pieces or to add some color and personality to your kitchen.

4.Mix and match: Homeowners are increasingly mixing and matching cabinet finishes and materials to create a more personalized look. For example, you might see a kitchen with white upper cabinets and dark wood lower cabinets, or a mix of glass-fronted and solid-fronted cabinets.

5.Paint colors: While white and grey are still popular choices for their versatile and timeless appeal, many homeowners are opting for bolder colors. In terms of bold colors, here is what’s popular.

  • Navy blue. Navy blue has become a popular choice for cabinets, especially in kitchens. It adds depth and richness to a space while still feeling classic and timeless.
  • Forest green. Forest green is another bold color choice that has gained popularity in recent years. It can bring a natural, organic feel to a space and pairs well with a variety of other colors and materials.
  • Black. Black cabinets can make a bold statement in a space and add a modern, sophisticated feel. When paired with the right finishes and accessories, black cabinets can create a high-end look.

For more cabinetry design inspiration, stop by our model homes throughout Brevard and Indian River counties at your leisure. Or give us a call at (321) 727-8188.