If you’re searching for a home builder, you’re likely to have many questions. The most obvious ones will relate to floor plans, locations, pricing, and included features. But there are many more lesser-known— albeit just as important—questions to ask the candidates. Whichever builder you choose should provide you with solid answers to these questions.

  1. How many homes have you built? When it comes to home building, experience counts. As homes vary wildly in scope and complexity, your home builder should have experience constructing homes comparable to the one you are eyeing. Ask for information on completed projects, pictures, and video tours.
  2. What energy-efficiency features are included? Just as important as the cost to purchase your home is the cost to operate your home. Make sure your home builder is using energy-saving construction features, like a high-efficiency HVAC system, Lo-E double-pane windows, LED lighting, and more, to ensure you aren’t paying too much on monthly energy bills. Check out LifeStyle’s comprehensive list of SunSmart℠ energy-saving features to ensure your builder is on track.
  3. Which features of the model home are included, and which are upgrades? Builders put their best foot forward in their model homes. This often means that models include upgraded finishes and designer touches that are not included in the base purchase price. Your home builder should have educated sales professionals who can review what is included versus what is an upgrade when touring model homes.
  4. Do you have a Design Center? You’ll want your new home to be as beautiful as it is functional. LifeStyle Homes is proud to operate a full-service Design Center staffed with two extremely talented interior designers. If you choose to build with LifeStyle, you will have the opportunity to consult with our interior designers on cabinets, countertops, flooring selections, fixtures, paint colors, and more.
  5. Do you offer floor plan customization? Oftentimes, builders have a suite of floorplans from which customers can choose. If you’re looking for a customized home, ask about the potential to amend the builder’s floor plans. At LifeStyle, we offer tiers of customization, from minor bumps and stretches to fully custom homes. In fact, our highly knowledgeable custom home manager will meet with you one-on-one to draft your dream home, complete with your must-have features and perfectly suited to your lot.
  6. What will I need to pay in land preparation? If you own land on which you wish to build, a crucial question to ask is how much you need to budget for land preparation. From clearing, grading, and fill dirt; to sod and landscaping costs; to driveway costs; and a host of other factors, there is much that goes into making a piece of land buildable. Make sure your home builder gives you a solid estimate with a detailed breakdown of your land preparation costs before you enter a contract. LifeStyle Homes highly recommends that our customers have an environmental survey completed prior as well, as wetlands and protected species can have a major effect on land preparation costs.
  7. How long will the build take, from contract to completion? Although it is very difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame, your builder should be able to give you a reasonable estimate for your planning purposes. Keep in mind, however, that oftentimes the timeline depends on how quickly you make decisions. In addition, inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances may also cause delays.
  8. Do you offer any financial incentives? Home builders oftentimes offer financial incentives, including closing costs contributions for using their preferred lenders.
  9. What is your warranty? At LifeStyle Homes, our customers receive a one-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty on their new homes, as well as a 10-year structural warranty. When choosing a builder, make sure they have a sound warranty process for a reasonable amount of time after closing.
  10. Can you provide positive reviews from previous customers? Your home builder should be able to provide positive testimonies, whether that’s through online review sites like Google, Facebook, or Houzz, or by putting you in contact with previous customers.