What’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is physical structure that provides basic shelter, but a home means many different things to different people. It’s a safe place to do what you want, create memories, share events, and for some, raise a family. A home should be a secure, happy place, and this doesn’t just happen by chance.

If you build with LifeStyle Homes, you’ll have the opportunity to consult with our talented interior design team to select finishes, features, and colors that appeal to your design style and your family’s needs. While you’re in the design process of home building, make sure you think through certain items that can really make or break the coziness of your new residence.

Here are five tips:

  1. Soften your floors. When you walk on a bare floor you can feel the emptiness of the house. If you opt for hard floors—tile, laminate, luxury vinyl or hardwood—purchase area rugs to give the space some warmth. Plush rugs will help anchor and define rooms, add character and color, as well as absorb the echoing sounds of a new house.
  2. Fill with memories. Another way to make your house feel like a home is to showcase your memories. Putting family photos, heirlooms, and other sentimental items throughout will create a sense of familiarity for you and your loved ones.
  3. Storage solutions. You may think this is more practical than personal, but storage is extremely important for turning your house into a home. The way you store things dictates if your home feels empty, cluttered, or just right. If you have too little storage, then your house will become overcrowded and it’ll be uncomfortable. If you have too much storage, then you will have a lot of empty room leaving you to feel like your home is empty. Also, you should make sure that your storage is appealing.
  4. Add dynamic lighting. Lighting is an element of design that makes a world of difference. Not only does lighting create a personal focal point, adding dynamic lighting will help you create new perceptions of space and style for a more relaxing mood. Ensure you have the right wattage and brightness as well, as bulbs can completely change the setting of a room.
  5. Last but not least, decorate. Everyone has a personal style and letting it shine through in your décor will help to make it yours. Furniture, pillows and throws, artwork, vases, greenery– the more “you” you put into your house, the more comfortable it feels.

Of course, nothing makes a home better than loved ones, so our bonus tip for you is to always share your space with the people who matter most. After all it’s not just a home, it’s a LifeStyle.