When selecting finishes and colors for your new home, you’ll quickly discover that deciding among a wealth of flooring options is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Not only does flooring play a central role in every room, it sets the stage to express your unique style and lifestyle preferences.

If you choose to build with LifeStyle Homes, our resident interior designer, Jennifer Sartori, will guide you to the flooring options we offer in our design studio. Read on for an overview of products we offer and their distinct advantages to help you decide what’s right for you.

Carpet: While we’re seeing homebuyers shy away from carpet more frequently in heavy traffic areas of the home, it is still a popular option for bedrooms. Some of the benefits of carpet include its soft, warm texture, sound-barrier capabilities, and low initial investment cost. At LifeStyle Homes, we offer a range of carpet colors, textures, piles, along with the option to choose your carpet padding level. This allows you to truly decide on the plushness of your carpeted floors.

Tile: Tile is a great choice for those who want options. Not only is it offered in a range of materials (ceramic, porcelain, stone, etc.), styles, sizes, and colors, it is also available in a variety of installation patterns. Not to mention, tile is long-lasting, low maintenance, and resilient to dust, dander, pet hair, and pests, allowing you to protect your home against allergens. And while it may be a bigger initial investment than carpet, if a tile chips or cracks, oftentimes, a repair would only involve the damaged tile(s). It’s also impervious to water spills, making it a great option for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. LifeStyle Homes offers a level-1 ceramic tile standard in all wet areas of your new LifeStyle home.

Wood-Look Tile: Still surging in popularity, wood-look tile is another flooring option offered at LifeStyle’s design studio. “Wood-look tile” is just as its name implies. It’s technically a tile, but designed to look like a hardwood. That said, you get the ease of maintenance and overall durability of tile, but with the sheer attractiveness of wood, offered in a range of stains and colors. No wonder this product is so adored!

Wood Laminate: Probably the biggest draw of wood laminate flooring is that it allows you the opportunity to have the look of natural hardwood, without the costly price tag. Compared to natural hardwood, wood laminates are oftentimes more durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and UV fading. And, like tile, wood laminate floors allow you to spot and eradicate household allergens with ease.

Hardwood: There’s nothing quite like the timeless beauty afforded by natural hardwood. It’s easy to understand why this has been a preferred flooring choice for hundreds of years. Not only will it last generations if properly maintained, it will also increase the selling value of your home. Hardwood floors come in a variety wood options and colors, and offer the advantage of the ability to be refinished over time, unlike its laminate or tile counterparts.

If you would like to see and feel any of these items first hand, we invite you to stop by our Signature Selection Studio located at 3453 W. New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne, anytime during normal business hours. One of our office associates will be happy to show you around.