No doubt, pets are a part of our families. But these furry and fuzzy companions carry allergens in and out of our homes. The good news is, there are some great smart-home devices on the market to make every pet owner’s life a little easier.

When purchasing a LifeStyle HealthSmart home, you’ll notice much thought has gone into the best materials to keep the house clean and allergen-free. All homes built by LifeStyle have hard-surface flooring in main areas to help eliminate extra dust, pet dander, and food spills, and even have low-emission carpets with antimicrobial agents. 

To keep your LifeStyle home as good as new, here are some devices designed for pet owners.

Automatic Pet Feeder
Purchasing an automatic pet feeder is an excellent way to improve both your life and your pet’s life. Many products on the market can automatically provide food and water on a pre-set schedule. There are even some with built-in scales that can measure out the correct portion size to ensure you’re not overfeeding your fur babies. Some hook up to Bluetooth so you can control them with your smartphone. These are also great if you’re going away for a day trip or a night away and want to make sure your pet gets fed at their regularly scheduled time. 

Smart Pet Door
Having a pet door for your dog or cat can be terrific, so they can easily roam outside of the house while keeping out anything — or anyone — who shouldn’t have access to your house. Did you know that many home invasions start via pet doors? So, a smart pet door is an excellent investment to keep your family safe. Smart pet doors also have built-in locks to ensure no one can get inside your home when you’re away or at night. 

Automatic Vacuum
Robot vacuums are becoming more and more popular because of their efficiency. Since the original Roomba, there are now robot vacuum cleaners designed for homes with pets. These vacuum cleaners can help pick up hefty pet hair, which can become embedded in your flooring. A robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most innovative home devices to keep your home clean with ease. Sit down, relax, and watch your robot vacuum clean your home.

Smart Litter Boxes
Have a cat? Want to keep your home ultra-clean without that dirty litter box smell? A smart litter box does not require particular litter or bags and can clean itself to keep your litter-scooping time to a minimum. These devices are great for cat owners who want to keep their homes super clean and odor-free and who are sick of daily litter box cleaning. 

These are just a few of the many great smart-home devices designed especially for pet owners. Keeping your smart home clean and allergen-free can be easy with the new smart technologies available. Learn more about smart home living with a LifeStyle home today.