It’s no secret that people love winter in Florida. This is when the weather becomes milder and less humid — similar to what people outside of Florida experience in the fall and spring. And because there’s a good chance your air-conditioning system isn’t working so hard, it’s an excellent time to perform regular maintenance and tune-ups. Your HVAC system will be prepped to run efficiently when the warmer weather returns in the spring and summer. 

Let’s explore why tuning up your air-conditioning system is essential for many reasons and why winter is the best time to do so.

System Downtime in Florida
In the winter, temperatures in Florida remain mild and will likely not get warm enough to require constant air-conditioning usage. This makes the winter the best time to give your unit the check-up it needs. An HVAC technician will be able to inspect your unit, diagnose any potential problems or issues, and make the necessary repairs if any arise.

When you plan ahead and get your HVAC system ready for the return of the blazing Florida sun, it will help prevent potential breakdowns during the hot and humid months where you absolutely need your air conditioner. Perform your air-conditioner tune-up in the winter to provide peace of mind that you won’t have to be without it in the brutal summer months. 

Improved Efficiency
Did you know that regular tune-ups can help drastically reduce problems and improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit? Performing a tune-up in the winter will allow it to run smoothly, as well as efficiently circulate cool air throughout the home — saving you money on your electric bills in the long run.

When an HVAC system is properly maintained, the cooling and filtering processes can run effortlessly. In turn, this ultimately means that your system will use the least possible energy to cool your home. Not only can this help reduce your monthly energy bills, but it is also a great practice for those of us trying to live more sustainably. 

Avoid Costly Breakdowns and Repairs
Many homeowners neglect regular maintenance because they feel their system only needs servicing when a problem arises — this method is bound to cost you more than annual wintertime inspections.

During a regular air-conditioner tune-up, your HVAC technician will be able to check important things relating to the functionality of your unit. This includes checking the refrigerant level, condenser coils, and important electrical components. It also includes cleaning the parts of the unit that often accumulate dirt and grime, which over time, can cause operational failures.

Another essential component of an air-conditioning tune-up includes replacing the air filter. A dirty air filter is not only bad for the unit, but it is not good for the air quality you and your family breathe in while you’re inside your home. This is an essential reason why LifeStyle Homes replaces air filters at the end of construction and before you move in as part of our LifeStyle HealthSmart program.

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