Melbourne, FL – November 3, 2013 – Read back through our recent blogs and you might get the idea that things are happening at LifeStyle Homes that we are itching to share with you. There are. One of them is the complete re-formulation of our web site – a project that has been going on for months now. If you like our present site, you’d best go enjoy it now, because it will soon go away.

Wait’ll you see the next one! Hang onto your socks, ladies and gentlemen! We are breaking new ground here!

That’s only one of several exciting projects underway that will transform our company in the coming year. In fact, we have been so busy around here we have almost forgotten we will soon be celebrating 30 years of building fine homes in Brevard County. Not many home building companies survive for 30 years, much less celebrate such an important milestone in better shape than ever. We think we get to enjoy this accomplishment because, from the very beginning, LifeStyle Homes has been all about satisfying our customers.

For most building companies, the building process itself is the primary focus. It almost has to be that way, because building homes is not easy. But, there is more to successful home building than building homes. Lots of building companies get so wrapped up in building that they give their customers short shrift. It’s not hard to understand why. Builders, looking at the process from the inside, tend to focus on how hard it is to pull everything together. Customers, looking at the process from the outside, only want the job to be done right. You can see a set-up for trouble, can’t you?

We don’t think customers should be responsible for understanding generally-accepted standards of home building quality. We think they are right in expecting us to deliver the same standards in our work they they are expected to deliver in theirs. Since the TQM revolution, that standard has been extremely high.

Our founding partners started LifeStyle Homes as a better way to deliver their dreams of giving back. That’s why taking care of customers has been our focus from the beginning. We try to be perfect, but that’s not possible. What is possible is to keep on trying until every customer we have is satisfied. If more building companies acted this way, more of them would last 30 years.

An almost unexpected and overlooked benefit coming to LifeStyle Homes and our customers alike, is the requirement for us to deliver dramatically higher construction quality if our homes are to meet the tough standards of our guaranteed HERS 59 SunSmart(SM) energy efficiency program. Each one of these homes is subjected to a rigorous third-party inspection and testing routine that leaves no room for error. Casting our future on energy efficiency is a sign of us being willing to push ourselves to do even better for our customers.

The reason why is simple. We want to be around Brevard County another 30 years!