Hardwood floors add value to a home unlike any other floor type. They’re timeless and beautiful, so it’s no wonder hardwood is oftentimes the preferred flooring surface for discerning homebuyers.

But knowing how to maintain your hardwood floors is crucial, especially in high-traffic areas. That said, maintenance may not be quite as difficult as you think. Here are some tips for upkeep and longevity.

  1. Regular cleaning.

It may seem obvious, but with hardwood, it is vital. Routine sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are important to ensuring long-lasting wood. For hardwood, cleaning not only serves as upkeep; it functions to preserve. Whether or not you keep to a consistent and thorough cleaning routine will go a long way in dictating how long your floors last.

Along with this, be sure to use the proper products when you mop. Do not use water. Excessive water causes wood to expand and warp and can damage the floor. Instead of using water, go for hardwood cleaning products specifically made for this surface.

  1. Prevent, prevent, prevent.

Your hardwood floors are going to be susceptible to a little wear and tear no matter what, but the power to protect them still lies largely in your hands as an intelligent homeowner.

Use furniture pads, get area rugs, doormats, and whatever else you need to stop tracking and scratching on your floor. Consider pulling those shoes off, especially high heels. Got pets? Trim those nails.

Direct contact with sunlight can discolor your hardwood. Use window coverings to protect your floors from heat and UV rays.

Clean up spills immediately with a dry cloth. Some might seem less serious than others, but they all damage your floor.

They might not be as easy as carpet or tile, but properly well-maintained hardwood floors are an amazing addition to a home that you will never be outdated. If you put these tips into practice, your floors will thank you, providing an extra touch of character to your home for years to come.

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