Up until recently, smart-home technology was thought of to be nothing more than science fiction. But when the first presentation of whole-home audio and lighting control hit the scene, it was only a matter of time before smart homes were available to the masses.

Today, a smart-home automation system is included standard in every home built by LifeStyle Homes. Our partnership with TiO® has made this possible. LifeStyle homeowners can control lighting, audio, security, voice-enabled devices, and more using their smart phone or tablet. Their homes also come equipped with four “smart” switches to create in-home “moods,” such as “Welcome Home” or “Goodnight,” which cater to their personal preferences.

Here are three reasons why smart-home technology is working so well for today’s homebuyers.

  1. It’s Convenient

There are various functions available in the form of smart-home automation. Lighting controls are becoming increasingly popular, which can set a home’s lighting on a schedule, as well as afford homeowners the ability to dim or brighten interior or exterior lights from their smart device.

Another common feature is whole-home audio. This allows homeowners to push audio throughout their home, adjusting volume in each room. Many smart speakers do even more than music, coming with a voice command function such as Amazon’s Alexa. This allows for quick, touch-free access to news, weather, and any other info needed from the Internet.

  1. It Saves Energy

Smart-home technology—despite its wide-spanning functionality—tends to help homeowners conserve energy.

Lighting in LifeStyle homes, for example, is LED, which can use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and last up to three times longer. Along with this, the ability to keep lights dim will serve to bolster the energy-saving effect.

Along with saving on lighting, the ability to turn on and off devices around the house via timer or app, such as audio or appliances, will allow homeowners to form habits of conservation.

  1. It’s Affordable

Despite all its futuristic features, today’s smart-home systems are more conveniently priced than ever. All LifeStyle homes come equipped with a robust “starter package,” yet adding on to their TiO® smart-home automation system won’t break the bank—one of the many reasons LifeStyle has chosen TiO® as our smart-home technology partner.