As the story goes, it was in April 1984 that John Luhn and Larry Hufford moved their families from Lakeland, Florida to the Space Coast to begin a home building business. With an investment of $5,000 each and the construction of a 1,360 square-foot model home in Palm Bay dubbed the “Challenger,” LifeStyle Homes was off and running.

What followed was hard work, innovation, and a relentless focus to always do what’s right. These cornerstones have allowed LifeStyle Homes to persevere year after year, through the good times and bad.

Today, 35 years later, we are proud to say these same cornerstones remain the driving force of our business.

Over the past three-and-a-half decades, LifeStyle Homes has been committed to building beautiful, high-quality homes throughout Brevard County. And we’ve built thousands. Over the past five years, we expanded into Indian River County and have enjoyed steady growth here as well.

Like all involved in real estate, the market collapse of 2008 was a trying time for LifeStyle. Following the recovery, LifeStyle Homes needed a way to stand out from the herd; to give buyers a reason to build with us.

That’s when we adapted to a new business model of building semi-custom and custom homes with an intent focus on energy-saving measures.

Our leaders formed a partnership with the scientists of the Florida Solar Energy Center in 2009. Out of that partnership bloomed the LifeStyle SunSmart energy initiative—a superior, proven formula for building cost-saving energy-efficient homes. The following year, LifeStyle Homes took it a step further and built the first solar-powered, zero-energy home on Florida’s East Coast. A decade after its inception, LifeStyle SunSmart and solar-home construction continues to flourish.

Today, we build in some of the most impressive communities throughout Brevard and Indian River. Our homes range in scope from traditional patio-style homes to grand custom estates.

As we look back over our history and LifeStyle’s accomplishments, we can’t help but be proud by the company that John and Larry – as well as a team of the best in the business – have created. Regrettably, John and Larry have passed, but their legacies, lessons, and memories continue strong for all who have walked through LifeStyle’s doors. With their vision and guidance ingrained in all of us at LifeStyle, the company will continue for many years to come. Here’s to the next 35!