It’s been a few months since we’ve updated you on the progress of the U.S. Department of Energy “Zero Energy Ready Home” that LifeStyle Homes is building in the Pineda Springs subdivision in Melbourne.

As a refresher, this notable home—the first of its kind in Brevard County—represents the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) highest standards for energy-efficient homebuilding. The DOE issued the challenge to homebuilders across the country to construct a “Zero Energy Ready Home” in order to push the nation’s homebuilding industry to the next level in terms of energy-efficiency, indoor air quality, superior performance, and design.

Last October, LifeStyle Homes accepted this challenge, and in April of this year—after brainstorming sessions with the building scientists at the Florida Solar Energy Center—we officially broke ground on this home.

If you haven’t had a chance to drive by and peek at this home first-hand, we encourage you to do so. The home—the LifeStyle Capri—is now roughly halfway near completion. And last week, the home was carefully insulated using a prescriptive path approved by the DOE to ensure conditioned duct work—one of the major requirements set forth by the program.

We at LifeStyle Homes are becoming very proud of this home as it’s taking shape. There are very few homes built to this caliber of energy-efficiency in the United States, so we are very gratified to be building the first one of its kind on the Space Coast, helping to keep our hometown on the cutting-edge of innovation.