While building a new home may sound intimidating, the results are well worth the effort. With so many options to choose from (browse our unique floor plans here), building your dream home may be less stressful than you think.

Consider some of the perks of building with LifeStyle Homes versus buying a used home.

A Fresh Start
One of the biggest adjustments to living in a new home is overcoming the aftereffects of previous owners. Whether this includes smells, stains, or wear and tear, living with the ghost of previous owners can be an early annoyance for new homeowners.

Building a home gives you a clean slate. You get to completely define your space from the start, unhindered by the leftovers of previous residents. Your carpets are clean, your home smells brand new, and everything will be spotless, inside and out.

Up-to-Date Features
Another satisfying perk of building a new home is the peace of mind that comes with modern features. In many cases with buying used, home buyers need to invest time and money in upgrades, remodeling, and installations just to get contemporary features. Building a new home lets you begin with these features right from the start. This includes incorporating new technology like smart home features without having to do any remodeling.

Guaranteed Safety and Practicality
Something that can go overlooked in the buying process is an evaluation of a home’s condition. Outdated appliances, worn down flooring, old roofing systems, and more are often overlooked until after a purchase has been made. Settling into your new home only to find some unexpected issues can put a damper on any new move. Starting from scratch gives you a sense of agency over your new space, allowing for a guarantee that, when you step foot into your new home, all is as it should be.

Energy Efficiency
It’s more than just a trend. Having an energy efficient home like a LifeStyle SunSmart home is a must-have for many in the market. Finding a used home that comes ready to help you save on your electric bill can be tough. Instead, why not build your home to save you money on your monthly electric bill right from the start? Whether it’s lowering unneeded light inside, or setting up for solar outside, your custom features can let you be precise and help you save.